Saturday, January 26, 2008

Getting Started

I was excited when I heard about the modified approach to food storage. Even though we are still encouraged to have a year's supply of basic foods that can keep us alive (wheat, beans, etc.), we can begin with a shorter-term supply of things we eat. The goal is to have that supply be for three months, but we can start with a week, then build to a month, and then get to three months.

So, if you are just getting started, for the next couple of weeks, record what you make and what ingredients you use that could be stored on the shelf or in the freezer. You could easily have a one-week supply if you buy those ingredients. To keep things simple, you could easily translate that into a one-month or three-month supply by multiplying ingredient amounts by 4 or 12.

The majority of the posts here will be used to share what I make and store (adding a few ideas from friends as well), with the intent to help you get your own brain juices going. Of course, our tastes will not all be the same, but maybe something here will help you think of something your family would like.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I have a concern that I keep going back to in regards to food storage & what we store, etc. We are obviously storing food with the hopes that we will have electric/gas to cook with. My concern is in the event of a pandemic anything can happen. What if workers can't get to work and companies turn off our electric/gas off? Maybe I am being WAY off base & paranoid here but it's a genuine concern of mine. How would you prepare food then? What if you don't have a generator? What are your suggestions/thoughts on this? Do you have any alternative ways of cooking? Thanks so much!

teacher said...

I agree. We can't just assume that in any emergency we will have electricity, gas, etc. I'd like to find a source for amounts of charcoal, perhaps, if we use our grills for cooking. Storing matches, alcohol, antiseptics, ideas on how to safely store kerosene for lamps, etc...all of these would be great to know. I'm new at this and wonder about even small things like keeping clean without surplus water. Thanks.